Performances (Solo) (Selected)


A human voice that was addressing itself for the first time (homage to Antonin Artaud), as part of Why do you fly from me? Listenings in the Echo Chamber, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin


Resources of self-destruction, as part of David Ellis’s Pele-Mele, Horse Hospital, London incl Rodion-Ladislau Rosca aka Rodion GA, Simon Tyszko, Mark Stewart, Anton Lukoszevieze, Miruna Stroe, Louis Benassi, Lijana Jakovlevna, Gintas K, Lucien Garnal-Ellis


ARTAUD & SOUND: TO HAVE DONE WITH THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD, Visconti Studio, Kingston Hill Campus, Kingston University, London, incl Stephen Barber, Antonin Artaud, Martin Bladh & Karolina Urbaniak, Nicholas Bullen, Dennis Cooper, Richard Crow, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson. Organised by Matt Williams and Stephen Barber


Queer Noise Party, SET, Dalston, London incl Luke Jordan, V-Stok et all


Primal Uproar Fundraiser, New River Studios, live DJ set as Richard Crow, London incl Luke Jordan, Skat Injector, Jose Macabra


In Common, SALE DOCKS, live DJ set as Richard Crow, Venice.


Sounding DIY, lKlektik Art Lab, London. Curator: Laura Plana Gracia incl, xname et all


Brexorcism, St Augustines Tower, Hackney, London. Curator: Anna Babini incl Luke Jordan, Barkosina, Nicola Woodham et all.


EAM eXperimental electronics, Vinyl Deptford. London. Curator: Laura Plana Gracia incl Adam Bohman, Luke Jordan, and Laura Netz


Poesia Carnosa G EDITION – the flesh mob event, Trenta Formiche, Rome. Curators: Stefano Di Trapani & Jonida Prifti incl Ube, Gilda Policastro feat SDT, Frank Ranno & Claudio Mapelli- Grip Casino interpreta Clemente Di Leo, Matteo Capogna, Barbaric Alphabets – Alfabeti Barbarici, Julian Zhara, ACCHIAPPASHPIRT


Chronic illness of mysterious origin IV, The Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan. Live soundtrack to the film Salome (1972) by Carmelo Bene, London


Chronic illness of mysterious origin III, The Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan. London


Chronic illness of mysterious origin II, The Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan. London


Chronic illness of mysterious origin, The Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan. Live De-composition with desiring assemblages for Les Hommes n’en sauront Rien (Of This Men shall know Nothing), 1923, oil on canvas, 31 5/8 x 25 1/8 (80.5 x 64 cm) by Max Ernst (1891-1976), London. Curators: CAO, Richard Crow, Neo Fung, Luke Jordan


eXperimental electronics, Cafe OTO. UK premiere of Radio Tarahumara (Tutuguri), London. Curator: Laura Plana Gracia (Laura Netz)


Now’s the time to dance to all our futures – no.we.are 10, Bethnal Green Working Mens Club. live soundtrack to the film Lead-Sehnsucht (1985-86) by Richard Crow. London


Invisible Noise Museum, The Pumphouse Educational Centre (Squat). London


eXperimental electronics, Ryan’s Bar. London. Curator Laura Plana Gracia (Laura Netz)


eXperimental electronics, The Castle. London. Curator: Laura Plana Gracia (Laura Netz)


BIAD (School of Art, Birmingham City University), launch of Unburied Evidence, Birmingham


Listening Session IIIThe Listening Project, The Freud Museum. Radio Schreber, Soliloques for Schziophonic voices, London. Curator: Lucia Farinati (Sound Threshold)


Animal Spirits, Sugarcube Gallery. Stockholm. (Cat) Curators: Simon Lawrence, Amanda Newall, Leon Tan


Endnotes from the point of boiling (A Unique launch of Stephen Barber’s Artaud: Terminal Curses), The Theosophical Society. Untitled (Ordieu). London. Curator: David Ellis


Dead Lounge Industrial Party, The Dead Lounge, live DJ set as Richard Crow – Institution of Rot. Rome      


The Unfair Fair, Loto Arte, A physical re-presentation of objects and materials (relics) from the action/performance Live Electronic Dissections (assisted by Prisca Thielmann), Rome. (Cat) Curators: Cecilia Canziani & Vincent Honoré


British & European Legs, Outpost Gallery, Human Suffering (for group project Erika Mustermann by General Public, Berlin) off-site project in a empty supermarket, Norwich


Slow, Plymouth Arts Centre, s/LOW, Plymouth. Curator: Paula Orrel


South London Gallery, Ancolie, (a performance that took place within the exhibition Chris Burden -14 Magnolia Double Lamps), London. Curator: Kit Hammonds


Live Music – Present Time Exercises, IMT Gallery, Executor, London.


Radio Revolten – Festival Zur Zukunft des Radios, Arztehaus Mitte (Klub für Revolten), Imaginary Hospital Radio (with Anna Teresa Scheer), Halle/Saale. Curators: Sabine Breitsmeter, Ralf Wendt, Johannes Wilms


Prefix Gallery, Speaker, stain, silence, as part of AGM 05 – Silence (incl. Christof Migone, Jakob Kirkegaard, Emil Svendsen, Toke Tietze Mortensen & Katarina Löfström) Curators: Alfredo Cramerotti & Iben Bentzen. Hosted by SOUNDplay 05. Toronto. Curator: Darren Copeland


Ambient Ping, Hacienda, Phantom musics – an audio hallucination, Toronto


Breaking the VIsual, Pavelhaus I have a visitor, as part of Steirischer Herbst, Laafeld/Potrna, Austria. Curator: Walter Seidl


Beating Around the Bush, South London Gallery Suddenly last summer…, sound performance, within the installation Peter Coffin – Untitled (Greenhouse) London. Curators: MA Creative Curating Goldsmiths University of London


Shock & Show – Reality and Alternatives, Teatro Stabile Sloveno, Executor, Trieste, Italy. Curator: Maria Campitelli


PAKT, The Lovers (with Lucia Farinati), Hagelberger Str 53/54, Berlin (incl. BBB Johnannes Deimling, Anja Ibsch, Ingolf Keiner)


The Plot, Five Years, London (as part of Not I at Mellow Birds, London)


Don’t Say Maybe (DSM) – Collective Dwelling Unit #4, ICA, Crow and Mamma, London. Curators: Heimo Lattner, Daniela Swarowsky


Telling Spaces (as part of Deptford X), Cor Blimey Studios (off site location), Deptford, Theurgy – Messe Basse, London. (incl. Bob & Roberta Smith, Marcia Farquhar, Franko B, Kira O’Rielly, et all) Curators: Giovanna Maria Casetta, Francesca Vilalta


Temple Bar Gallery, Crow and Mamma, Dublin. Curator: Vaari Claffey


Very Private, Galerija Likovnih Umetnosti, Executor, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. Curator: Vanesa Cvahte


Gießerei-Projektraum, Wahn-Bild, for opening of Good Friends Club (with stage set by Erik Göngrich) Linien Str, Berlin. Curators: Gudrun Herbold & Heike Alfers


Bad Habitus, Police Museum (including prison exercise yard and padded cell), Newcastle, Australia       


Grenzgänger, Artspace, Sydney, Australia


100 years of Cruelty, The Performance Space, Theurgy – Messe Basse, (as part of 100 years of Cruelty conference on Antonin Artaud), Sydney. Australia


The Institution of Rot, Theurgy – Messe Basse, London as part of the The Noisiness of Bodies, London. Curators: Nick Couldry, Richard Crow

Performances (Group) (Selected)

Limited Edition postcard by Richard Crow August 2019


Hospital of the Soul #2 as part of Institution of Rot/Psych.KG present Hospital of the Souls, Iklectik, Richard Crow with Adam Bohman (As Diastolic Murmurs), with Paul Obermayer, Mors Mea & Jonathan Bohman, London incl David Ellis, Lucien Garnal-Ellis, Mama Baer with Kommissar Hjuler, Luke Jordan, Paradigm Discs + Hospital of the Soul Diastolic Murmurs/Furt Psych.KG CD launch


Queer+_Noise, The Others, Richard Crow, John Wall, Adam Bohman & Clive Graham (As Morphogenesis), London


Liminality2 (The Unknown), Gallery 46, With Luke Jordan, London. Curated by Sean Mclusky, Kevin Quigley and Bjorn Hatleskog


An Evening with D.A.P (Dmitri Aleksandrovich Prigov) – A Phantom Broadcast, Calvert 22 Foundation, With invited artist Natalia Mali, London


Dronica #6, The Old Church, as Richard Crow with Lucia Farinati, London


An Evening with Daniel Paul Schreber, Empty Shop, Richard Crow, with Angela Woods and Alex Pheby, Durham


The Bohman Nephelauxesis, Live Electronic Dissections 5, Café OTO, As Diastolic Murmurs (Richard Crow and Adam Bohman), London.


Mad Like Artaud, Presented by Sylvere Lotringer, with Sylvere Lotringer, Richard Crow, Jeremy Hardingham, Mischa Twitchin, Jon Shaw and Nicola Woodham. The Showroom, London

Beyond Repair Photo: Ed Jansen


Douglas Park – Post-Terminal & Ex-Ultimate, West, Beyond Repair. As Beyond Repair (Richard Crow and Douglas Park), Den Haag


Horse Improvised Music Club, l’Klektik Art Lab. As Diastolic Murmurs, with Douglas Park and Phoenix-Blu Coyle, London


The I’Klektik Horse Trials Festival, lKlektik Art Lab. As Diastolic Murmurs, with Douglas Park, London


In Variety presents Going South, The Rose and Crown. As Diastolic Murmurs, London


OTO Project Space, With Adam Bohman. Clive Graham, Jonathan Bohman, Sue Lynch, Tasos Tafarel Stamou, Hutch Demouilpied, launch of exhibition Adam Bohman: Drawings and Collages 26 Sept- 12 Oct 2014, London


Horse Improvised Music Club, The Doghouse. With Adam Bohman and Clive Graham, London


noise=noise 120414, Noise=Noise. With Gintas K, London


Horse Improvised Music Club, The Doghouse. With Adam Bohman and Clive Graham, London


POLYply > 28 looking askance, MA Poetic Practice RHUL Poetics Research Centre/ Centre for Creative Collaboration. With Douglas Park, London. Curator: Will Montgomery


L’ospedale fantasma/Walsgrave Hospital Coventry, Raum, With Margarita Morgantin, Bologna


My Bataille | Performance Night, Compered by Douglas Park with performances from Richard Crow + Douglas Park, Chloé Déchery, Poppy Jackson, Adam James and Ellie Stamp, followed by live sets from Das Hund and WE. Bruno Glint, London


Etched X-rays; Salvaged CDS & Slow Swells – An Instantaneous Sound Writing Event: Pt 2 & 3, performance with Richard Thomas, Aleks Kolkowski, A project for SoundFjord’s Sound//Space, V22 – The Biscuit Factory. Curator: Helen Frosi (Soundfjord)


A Concert of Improvised/Experimental Music, The Horse Pub. With Zan Hoffman (USA) and Adam Bohman, London


Studio Loos. With The Bohman Brothers (Adam Bohman), Den Haag


Resonance104.4fm performances, Gone with the Wind, Raven Row, With The Bohman Brothers, London. Curator: Ed Baxter


Radio Schreber – Soliloques for Schziophonic voices, The Freud Museum,  London as part of the The Listening Project. Curator: Sound Threshold (Lucia Farinati)


declassified: Tulsarama, Rich Mix, Unburied Evidence, with Gintas K, London Curator David Ellis


Untitled performance with Douglas Park as part of SuperHybrid! Highlight Club, Leeds Curator: Peter Lewis


A Surreal Nightmare. Shunt. With Douglas Park, London. Curators: Robin Spalding (Shunt) & Robert Spragg (MA Curating, Goldsmiths’ College)


Second Sound Layer, sound performance with Lucia Farinati, Colin Potter (Nurse with Wound), and Daniela Cascella, for Veiled Conversations No 9 /An Ireverent Listening Engagement with John Cage’s Empty Words by Pedro Lasch, as part of the The Listening Project. The Showroom, London Curators: Sound Threshold (Daniela Cascella & Lucia Farinati)


Music for empty supermarkets, sound performance and specially created “playlist” on CD (with Heimo Lattner) for Erika Mustermann by General Public, Berlin, off-site project in a empty supermarket (with Daniel Seiple, Heimo Lattner, Saim Demican, Chat) as part of Outpost Gallery presents British & European Legs, 2 – 21 August, Anglia Square, Norwich


Sound performance and live narration for Sleeping Dogs Lie – Part 2 (Untitled), off site project (bus tour) produced by e-Xplo (Heimo Lattner, Rene Gabri, Erin McGonigle) as part of Navigate, Newcastle. (incl. Tim Brennan, Marie Cool & Fabio Balducci, Desperate Optimists, Etant Donnes, Karen Finley, et all.) Curators: Forma, Amino, Baltic, Michelle Hirschhorn


Base Material, collaborative sound performance, with dy’na:mo (Joachim Bock, Martin Moser, Martin Wagner) Fluc, Vienna


Derelicht, collaborative sound performance, with Paul Obermayer (Furt), Sound 323, London


Kind Feelings, with Natalia Mali, Galerie Ost/Francia, Moscow

16 – 17.3.2002                         

Russian Picnic, with Natalia Mali, as part of Screening, Performance, Dust, Music, Five Years, London


A03 live, sound performance, with Heimo Lattner, Werner Dafeldecker, Christof Kurzmann, N.I.C.J.O.B., Martin Siewert, Billy Roisz as part of Sound Art Media, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna


Howard Hughes: My Father, unofficial performance at Warhol Polaroids exhibition, John Paul Getty Foundation, Los Angeles with make up artist Adrienne Houlé and Morna Watson


Black Friday/Music for strings, with Danny Butt and Micheal Morley (The Tanaka – Nixon Meeting), derelict cinema, Cambridge, New Zealand


Sleep, Re-generation and the Spectre of Cinema, DEKKA (derelict supermarket and cinema), Dunedin, New Zealand, (Richard Crow/Sandoz Lab Technicians, Charlotte Vale and Michael Morley)

Untitled Multi-headphone concert performance, as part of PLACARD for phonoTAKTIK ’99 (off site project), Vienna (with Heimo Lattner and Clive Graham)


Reality Check, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin (with Anna Scheer) as part of 2nd Berlin Congress for Performance (Cat)


Biopsy, for Heretic, Old Operating Theatre, London


Macro, Omniversum, Den Haag (Richard Crow, Richard Barrett, Paul Obermayer, Carl Beukman, and Mary Oliver)


Blind site – Death words, Roxy, Prague (as Institution of Rot – Richard Crow and Nick Couldry)

Royal Sweat Bath, Den Anden Opera, Copenhagen (as Institution of Rot – Richard Crow, Nick Couldry and Adam Bohman)

A Lecture, Jibby’s Arts Club, London (as Institution of Rot – Richard Crow, Adam Bohman and Pen McGhie)

Imperial Wardrobe, Heinrich Roller Str 1, Berlin (Richard Crow, Nick Couldry and Tobias Laukemper)


Agape Lodge, The Institution of Rot, London (Richard Crow and Marie-Gabrielle Rotie)


Good Friday /Live in Session (Studio performance), as Diastolic Murmurs with Clive Graham, Thane Villas, London


Bar Godot, as part of Beckett Late Nights, Volksbühne, Berlin (with Roland Brus and Carl Hegemann)


Klammer auf Klammer zu: Ratten Nagen Beckett, as performer with the German theatre group Die Ratten, Director: Roland Brus. Premiered Beckett Late Nights, Volksbühne, Berlin, toured Karlsruhe, Paris and Parma


Hospital of the Soul #1, London Filmmakers’ Co-op, London (as Diastolic Murmurs in collaboration with Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer)


The Flesh of Experience, (as CROW), with Furt & Frances-Marie Utti, October Gallery, London (Filmed for BBC2 Arena)


Eventration Studies (Ideas Internal 1-5) as Diastolic Murmurs (Adam Bohman and Richard Crow) with Michael Prime (Morphogenesis), Polar Bear Club, Vauxhall, London


Principia Schziophonia – on noise, gas and the disembody, These Records (shop) – a sound performance by Diastolic Murmurs (Richard Crow and Adam Bohman) with Edward Scheer and Jagdish Pillai (texts) and Ron Briefel (sound projection/effects), London


Live Electronic Dissections #4, as Diastolic Murmurs (Adam Bohman and Richard Crow), Central Space, London


Live Electronic Dissections #3, as Diastolic Murmurs (Adam Bohman and Richard Crow), ICA, London  


Live Electronic Dissections #2, as Diastolic Murmurs (Adam Bohman and Richard Crow), Cockpit Theatre, London


Live Electronic Dissections #1, as Diastolic Murmurs (Adam Bohman and Richard Crow), Performance Studio, City Lit, London


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