Schreberian talk between Richard Crow and Drs Kevin Zdaniecki 2011-2012

• Conversation started December 7, 2011


Kevin Zdaniecki

Hoi Richard,

I heard the excerpt of Radio Schreber: Soliq/Schizioph Voices and

found it excellent. Then looked into Sound Threshold for the whole

piece (and resonance 104 FM-in a search for archives) -alas no joy.

Is there a version of the whole piece? If so, what’s the link? At the

moment trying to navigate and write a number of portions of the my

text into sound and vision etc trying to keep good faith with multimedia,

psychoanalytic, and lingual architecture of the ‘visual and

sound’ of Judge Schreber’s delusional and hallucinatory experience.

Difficult .But love it/him…

• December 8, 2011


Richard Crow

no “whole” “version” of the piece – true to the nature of the work it

will always be spliting, fragmenting, sounds good what you are

working on, perhaps we should chat via skype? after the 14th i can

dedicate some time

as said i am remixing certain sections, and at present working on the

sonnestein (Devils castle) material

not sure when that will be up on the italian blog


Kevin Zdaniecki

that would be great. Me too…true to the Natural Order (not heard or

seen from the forecourt-er,sorry) still trying to put all the man’s

different experiences into one continuous understandable story (in

spite of the walls in space/time boundaries or a psychotic lack of

them) to make sense of the chaos. Sonnestrein-right…you’ve trod

there…that material must be interesting. I am sure you’ve read Eric

Santners socio-historical (+symbolic investiture) take on it all!


• December 9, 2011


Kevin Zdaniecki

Richard I have Skype installed. Name: kzclipsy -whats yours so I

can add you as a contact. Thank you

• December 14, 2011


Kevin Zdaniecki

this project could go on -for 1,2, 8 hrs-even a weekend! Nah, maybe

not -just a ‘thought’. Brilliant minds have been fascinated with it for

years! (if not under a hundred)..maybe not just sound/voices but

other sensory thingies-interventions with delimiting boundaries

etc.Mm -Schreber’s psychotic fragmented senses and fractured

communications giving, ‘voluptiousness’ and birth, to works which

ARTify, psycholog’ise’, Lacananise et al, psychotheopathologise

(Prof. Santner) or even make for some tragic, weird romance (poor

Sabina and DPS-miscarriages etc) about paranoid schizophrenia

with transexual overtones and childhood trauma…..

• December 15, 2011


Richard Crow

skype : crow45, i’ll be around later tonight…along with the

interferences ps yes i like the eight hours idea

more later


Kevin Zdaniecki

Drat and double drat…very difficult tonight…tomorrow possible at

all? any time after 3. Now THAT is an interference (and nothing to

do with the miracle of completing a linguistic interference i jest-well

its been one of them days

yes….more then or later


Kevin Zdaniecki

i WILL make time now-will leave skype on for 5 mins (time now

6.46)-otherwise at a more convenient time for you. Hope you get



Kevin Zdaniecki

Now on skype..but hang on..having a bit of trouble with the signing backto skype

ok now

• December 16, 2011


Kevin Zdaniecki

Thank you. You are kind.

The ‘Waste’ is to my chagin. I am no artist. O well, ‘wait and see’ is

better than an absolute “no”. I wanted to talk about inteferences to

Weldungarbeit(?), sonic bridges approch the voices in the text.

Not merely as an academic clinician.So much more to make

manifest-i just could’nt seem to get these across. Eitherway when I

have a more focus and clear understanding of text/performance I

hope we’ll contact again. Sincerely

• December 16, 2011


Kevin Zdaniecki

I REALLY did’t think I would be sending another message in such

near future (understandably it felt a little like ‘don’t call us..we’ll call

you??’-don’t worry its ok!).Following your good advice today i was

made aware of an empty old mental health building in Broomfiels,

Essex (a sonnestein??)-i must ring to check that out. Even so it

seems the only sources of funding to rent the place would be via the

Arts Council (now reducing funding by 100%!!!), independent

monies or…blowed if I know! It might be argued that it was

educational hence possibly facilitative of …wait for it..wellbeing

(don’t laugh richard). Eitherway, have you got any suggestions of

how to move forward.

What I’m writing does necessitate a Radio Screber Channel -the

Transexual Saviour’s channel-in each room or level. And double

carefully phased echoing (and interlapping of contents) of the

internal voices-perhaps the externally broad casted voices and piano

snippets-almost randomly attuned to the visual hallucinations

(e.g.talking birds, rays from son, birds defaeciating corpses) or the

even the negatives of them! All falling within the Other Worldliness

of the linguistics (albeit psychotically fractured and fragmented)

used in the text, the detailled ‘god’ structure, Using cardboard boxes

could be a start in changing and delimiting space could’nt they. Just

noticed the length of message…enough for now. I won’t disturb you

again -in the near future without something FAR more concrete –


• December 17, 2011


Kevin Zdaniecki

PS heard piece re: talk at the freud museum. succint and

comprehensive! pity i missed that…drat. o well

• December 22, 2011


Kevin Zdaniecki

heard it with the help of a friend. any ideas of how to get protocol

items associated with a relevant program for free presentations and

videos i.e. to enable free itunes on my Linux? (the other computer

has Ubuntu)…maybe this is a case of too much work and not enough

techno making kevin very dull

• December 23, 2011


Kevin Zdaniecki

sorry, silly question

• December 25, 2011


Kevin Zdaniecki

I TRUELY wish you a fantastic day with bags of laughter and

smiles, good sharing, conversation that lights your fire, plenty of

tasty morsels, drinkies (whatever does you good), amazingly good

thoughts and memories .My dear friend of the imagination. Good

Winter Solstice to all.And, of course, happy new year days to

come.Hope the down days are few with as little tradgedy, sadness,

depressive delusions as possible.I’ve a feeling that 2012 is going to

be good-in spite of what some say or perform. You’re quite sone man

who I greatly value and respect as a Facebook friend. Yor links are

excellent and speak volumes! Thank you for your time in sharing.So

Shine On Crazy Diamond.

Blessings to you and those you love

Try not to work too hard with your abudant energy.


• January 6, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

I stole a post to share (Anna Teressa Sheer)..sorry Richard.

Plagiarism is usually not my thing but I just like it -it fits the time

right now! Hope all goes well with you all

• January 17, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

Excited by de Certeau’s (the jesuit given time off to think?). I am

sure your very aware of


-amazing indeed!

Now i’ve got to a point in the play where Soul (DPS) is not walking

thro’ the Institutes (ROT??) maze of corridors and signposted

‘crossroads’ desperate to find the Imaginary Hospital after his

encounter with a transexual God who seeks to voluptuously ‘unman’

and impregnate him after changing his bodily gender (and eventually

sex organs-he wishes) to change the faults in big G’s original social

creation. Soul needs to manipulate this such that God is the

consumer-so Soul can then control what is socially controlling him.

Hence the Fathers plan to repopulate to eventual National Rational

Socialism is foiled! “Gotcha” voices DFS but THEN THE VOICES

and THE meaningful symphony of noises (doors creaking,strings

breaking, sounds of the everyday practice of the Wounded Nurses (I

know Richard-its an obvious plagiarism of the brilliant work of

another-better watch that!) everyday practices of their work in this

Imaginary Hospital (sorry- another plagiarism from you!). But Soul

chooses the creeking oak door to the appeals court to run through. ” !

wish to appeal. With respect and meaning no harm its just your fools

and tools of your

trade. But he’s speaking through the slowed down, echoing, derailled

voices which ask him to f**k the judges (Kirsy Kant, Jacquii

Derrida, Willamena Wiitgenstein and Nora Batty) and sack his

attorney Certeau. In this strange court room it was a like being in a

Whitechapel Cafe-so many voices -so many cynical greetings- so

many distorted voices and sounds. He really had to concentrate…but

moved to the exit door to another part of the Institute with more sign

posts to choose from but…..

Click to access decerteau_spatial.pdf


Kevin Zdaniecki

As you can obviously see Richard I need help with the sounds,the

voices, the acting, the physical and linguistic architecture…the

higher German, how and when to represent Tanhausen and

Giovanni…its got to be when the hell of perpetual pleasure (meant

only for the Gods) can be escaped fom. Back to his Fathers teaching

of when pleasure is allowed…through work, no idleness, onle

knowlege passed on by false status and the unacceptable horror of

the fallacy of when and who by authorisation is believed to be valid.

In fact like DPS I’m stuck Sorry I write all this – I really hope I’m not

wasting your time even to read it. I’m thinking as an analyst. I can’t

approach it as an artist simply because I am not one (an artist that is)

Just thought via this very small snippit where I am with it all. O

well, to use your words its a matter of ‘wait and see’. Thanks anyway

– busy now. Suggestions apart from ‘give up’ always more than


• February 1, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

Thanks for the ROT group Richard. Your Scheber post was very


• February 13, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

UPDATE (if interested)

Books getting on completion. Shreber Scholar said he’d edit it.

Fictional/non-fictional. Play concept revision next/now.Audacity’s

Good. Logistics come later!! Mm sonics with Audacity reading for

‘starters’ inc. Which, What fits/others ideas (Ideas??). Bags has been


and some GREAT movies made, BUT never a play experience (as

far as I Know). To include ? political (fascist/capitalistic)

persecution, micro (family) persecution-meso/maga power dynamics

(in social/political/myth-monotheistic transparency’ People ARN’T

paranoid but are/feel persecuted (whats the name of some one who

has not been called paranoid, does not feel/know they’re persecuted

BUT ARE? – can’t think of one word to cover it? Bonne chance ami.

• February 14, 2012


Richard Crow

sounds good

• February 23, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

keira knightly?-HA! More like Emilia Fox as Sabina in The Soul

Keeper (prendimi l’anima by Roberto Faenza)

sorry, if you’re interested….

(it’s honestly a pity I can’t speak Italian)

• February 29, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

Did you watch prendimi l’amina. Better (in terms of the mulitude of

femine archetypes) is Ich Heiss Sabina Spielrein-based on her

arcived diaries etc given and published by Aldo Carotenuto.

Spielrein could well have been the one-THE pioneer of

Psychoanaysis-the true anima and puioneer of Psycho. Analysis. Any

actress-of good or of rot- must invoke the correct archetype

crystalizations. Including the abused man looking for his mother (or

father) in another man (or father) -so much for the all to amateurish

interpretation of the far to often misunderstood castration complexas

in Schrebers case and his need for wanting to be a woman (his

own absent therby abusive mother). Not to mention Moritz -the

masochist and tyrannical depressive with suicidal destruction just



PS “Did you know?” that it was that wonderful lover of excess

pleasure and anything volupturous-Otto Gross that wrote an analytic

paper on The Schreber Case well BEFORE Freud!!!! A bit of an

academic hush-hush job ‘old chap’-I mean he was/is rather a disgrace

to Psychoanalysis/ts. That would never do!! But Gross’s mind was

far better (albeit coccained/morphined) than Jung’s ever was!! But he

was’t a christian..woops.

Eitherway your sonic representations of Schrebers so called paranoid

schizophrenic madness are very good I feel. Very good Artistic

description of symtoms-but as a psychologist/analyticly oriented

clinician writer ( I, to my chagrin, am not an artist) search blindly for

what can heal rather than merely describe or make relevant. The

relationship between the two can have a wonderfuly beautiful,

frightening/horriffic shocking (almost humerous) and excitingly

volupturous nuanced symmetry. Thats why I love your work of/and

the Inst. of ROT (Nor. by Nor. West?) Strange though Spilreins

paper on Destruction as a cause of Being- the destruction of the “I”

as it becomes/dissoves into a crystalline form in a “We” (mmmmethinks

a Rotten Passage to Knowledge-spose that depends) comes

to mind here. To be simple-surely not a ’cause’ but more a natural

transformation like the death and fall of a leaf…er or some rubbish

like that…But my play needs what you good people artists have to

offer. It needs time-not merely to focus on one person but all those

responsible for the dynamic…HECK…this is a real rant…I really

apologise-I only wanted to ask about a link to a trailer for the miost

recent film about DPS…or is to view anywhere? Again SINCERE

and honest apologies-I suppose I should delete it or not send it-it

probably won’t really be read anyway….but I don’t think I will delete

it…and I’ll send it and be damed..Take good care ‘my friend of the


• February 29, 2012


Richard Crow

thanks for brave insights as ever…yes need to looka t otto gross….

why don t you present it the play on resonance fm , i have contacts



Kevin Zdaniecki

I want to present each member of the family-the mother ,the father,

the brother the 2 sisters (1 theres hardly anything about – an invisible

doll shape or some such simplistic rubbish) as watching Daniel

being punished/abused AND Daniel himself watching the same sort

of things happening to his brothers and sisters. The mother just

standing and watching within her own guilt ridden, sado-masochistic

eyes whose God-the Father Moritz-symbolises the identification

with her own father (all a bit of a ‘big’ MAYBE-I know-theres no

historical evidence about her or her husband Moritz’s family

dynamics. But from the far more than intuitive guesswork his

masochism AND narcissism must have precipitated and remained

rigidly untransformed due to the family/social values and belief

systems at that time. Importantly Moritz’s need to manipulate and

control(related to his own predisposition to borderline delusional

psychosis (look I really don’t like labels per se either!!)-for the

greater good OF COURSE/ I torture you because I love you and

God’s gift of HUMANITY).But unfortunately Judge Schreber had a

perculiarly high intellectual intelligence and sensed how ROTTEN

family,society, law values were-for the most part. Moreover he

wanted (in the play) to let the bird out of the cage and get it

volupuosly whistling!!!! The search for a mother IN the father.

Perhaps he also was frightened that his father would commit suicide

if he did’nt obey him AND the guilt Daniel Paul would feel if his

father did i.e.”its all my fault” especially losing an essential love


Anyway, thats just a little bit of the possible pathology. What is

essential is for the play to make crystal clear that his ‘body’

symptoms,delusions,hallucinations (voices/distortions/visual)

WERE SYMBOLIC….of persecution by the family, by society and

its taboos, by an Aryian culture. To this end sit a guy in a cafe by a

table with a skull called Godot (or Godfry?) sitting opposite a male

crossdresser carrying a log thats both a reciever and a transmitter, a

Chief Superindent of police from the castle at Sunnystein -on- Sea

(mm-ok whatever) Whose just ‘nicked’ a fella calling himself Marx

Hegel who recently escaped from an endlessly claustrophobic place

called Eternity. A waitresses called Sabina and Soleme, a bar man

called Judith, a jukebox that keeps getting stuck on a track by

Leonard Cohen but the club being filled with ‘music’ sonics that

change in sympathy with DCP’s thoughts, other tables with Freud, a

couple of socalled ‘wounded’ nurses and a chap in a bear skin called

Chiron who insists punks are not dead (:’o ) Persephone Googleheim

is sitting with Kore the dwarf and his father Faust standing behind

Otto Mesopheles Gross who keeps blowing kisses at the Judge

whilst mouthing the words in Italian meaning ‘don’t supress a thing!’

Another table where Fanny Foucault, Loony Lacan, Lingo Chomsky,

are hotly arguing about whose turn it is to buy the ROTwine and

why they have such an enormously obvious primordial oedipal

power struggle problem. Upstairs in this club (the Krazy But Zexy

Kommunist Klub-soory I ‘pinched’ that excellent phrase to-sorry you

good artists- kay,you and many,many others but that i did is really

not relevant) is a Court Room (next to an Imaginary Hospital Cure

out patients department-the CURE coming in phases of

INDIVIDUATION) where the Judge will plead for his symbolic

madness to be understood and not dismissed and to be given his

pardon-all the presiding Judges are feminine archetype

Actually all of this is very maleable and there’s a lot of sonics and

Wagner with whole sections of prose from the Memoirs. But the

alchemy of making the destructive, Thanotic, Soul Murder transform

into something symbolically made of gold…well thats just the

beginning. Don’t forget the log radio…..

I know it seems like rubbish-I think I’ll start a rewrite tomorrow-but

each scene is about events in each of the important characters lives

and interweaved in such away that they all come to be in this cafe

Klub…blah, blah, blah. Believe me its not as boringly simplistic as it


And yes -why not-a RADIO PLAY-AHA!!! Brilliant idea-I’ll work

on that!-Why not an ongoing serial….mmm let me think…..

Ps Otto Gross’s stuff is worth reading I’m told-he was’nt just the drug

soaked twat that he’s made out to be -his story is tragic


Kevin Zdaniecki

WOW the more I think about it -it really transforms things. Thank

you so much Mr C……

• March 1, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

Mm Of interest maybe: Zonnestein was called Heilenstalt (how

fitting!)Started out as a Fortress-became a jailhouse -then a

sanatorium (especially for the rich Germans around Saxony that

were considered a criminally anti-social or threat etc). DPS COULD

have choosen to go somewhere else-‘talked’ into it by his wife

(maybe adversely effected from so many still births) and Dr Guiddo

Weber-the guy that would have found it costly to give him his

freedom. But Schreber showed not only symtomatic symbolism but

very clever, an artistic intelligent and insightful (apparent in his

explainations of his own pathology) and his appeal (in the same high

court that he was Senatspresident for a time) hit on a legal loop hole

that he found(i.e under what precise conditions can a person

involuntarily be kept from his freedom-and used his memoirs to do

it!). The ‘system’ represented by Weber (who wanted to keep him

there for life), his wife and the law certainly seemed to be ‘against’

him. Does’nt help ones paranoia!! Same thing happened to Otto

Gross (mothers boy??)-a bright fella ended up in an alley way (2 a

warehouse) collapsed from starvation, or whatever, in Berlin. I

recommend you read deeply about it Henry (Zvi) Lothane

AND others!! NB perhaps by being a woman he could help his

wife(to whom he felt a lot of affection for) by giving birth to a son

instead of putting her through more misery-well just ba thought.

Schreber was an OK sort of fella really (methinks) and really good at

chess!!! I even wonder whether or not he had erotic feelings for Paul

Fleishig at all!! But

‘The Schreber Case’ is PIVOTAL and relevant today in so many

ways. Just look at that horrific castle Sonnestein and Hitler’s T4

beginning the genocide!!!! (Ref:Schreber: My Germany..etc..Eric

Santner). Anyway I am really sorry to bother you again -I’ll avoid

doing that again!!

I wrote far,far to much yesterday and now but I really do feel

passion for this project. Your Radio Schreber-BRILLIANT!! Thank

you for doing it!!

PS I looked into Resonance 104.4FM today and Sound Thresholdsome

beautiful and brave pieces.


Kevin Zdaniecki

PPS Did’t you get a really eerie feel from Sonnestein? I BET!!!!

Surprise, surprise….

• April 11, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

Hooi Richard This might be worth considering. I’ve chatted with

Morty(expert on Schreber) and Emmy (Prof. v. Deuzen-a

BRILLIANT woman-existentialist). She asked if I might consider a

lecture-apparently I think she feels Shreber is too specialised for

what she wants-she runs The New School of Existential

Psychotherapy-a VERY AWARE lovelly lady and artist- she’s

worked in French asylums with “shizophrenics” etc etc. But she did

give me an opening into what I understand is called Antony Stadlens

Inner Circle …lectures, presentations etc in London…PLEASE let me

know if your interested-in combining on such a project-then I’ll

email him If not …thats Ok…sorry for bothering you. I’m playing

with video stuff (for a transformation of the book (HA! more like a

trilogy)) perhaps with a sound/sonic track…. but my inabilities are

really frustrating me!!!!Surprise, Surprise!!I’m no artist or techno

geek…. psychology/ analysis is my thing. Love it. Hope to hear from

you ….whenever you find time or whatever…

• April 12, 2012


Richard Crow

hi there

, interesting…yes i remember this inner circle thing from last year

when Zvi Lothane was in town, and i was curious although the price

to attend seems very high !

2010/03/daniel-paul-schreber-centenary.html, i couldnt make it (as I

was in Venice biennalle with Lucia Farinati) I believe Ivan Ward

(from Freud Museum) went as he knows Hans Israelis, and Zvi

Lothane mentioned my Radio Schreber piece in glowing terms ! My

question is would we get paid for presenting ? in these days of

precarity ….

Existential Psychotherapy & Inner Circle Seminars: Israels,

Lothane, Schatzman conduct: Locked Up. 3

anthonystadlen.blogspot.comAnthony Stadlen practises his original

form of existential psychoanalysis (existential psychotherapy,

Daseinsanalysis) and existential family analysis (existential family

therapy). He also supervises and teaches psychotherapy, and

researches its history. Since 1996 he has convened the Inner Circle



Kevin Zdaniecki

Thats the point exactly….PAYMENT for our work!!! But. I’ll e-mail

him and find out what he has to say. (i) did you good people get paid

for the “Freud Museum/ Sonnestein” gig? If so we’ve got a good

case to talk about the possibility of “dosh innit” etc and (ii) As this

could be a great venue for discussion with an exciting exchange of

ideas from the brilliant analysts /artists that may attend, I feel this

could be a good place to open the opportunitry for a funded UK

workshop/video or stage play/paticipation in presented work and

venues over A WEEKEND! maybe. Precarity -agreed, but depending

on the quality and relevance of content……well that’s all a tad

obvious!!! I’ll contact Morty Schatzman (he knows Zvi Lothane, as

well as Dinnage and Hans Istraels I believe) or go and see him-see

what he says. Of course Zvi (Henry I a I am etc) Lothane

remmembered your Radio Schreber-it is damned BRILLIANT-ever

thought about using it within the Imaginary Hospital?? (iii) Emmy

said (Prof


Kevin Zdaniecki

contd……. van Deuzen) did say mention her and Morty in the initial

email. First, perhaps, if I may I’ll mention (my almost insignificant)

then your input to date then perhaps see what we can come up withone

of the problems being, as I said, your an artist and I’m not!

Eitherway if you wish to add anything to this initial message please

let me know. By the by may I mention your name? As far as i can

make out the potentiality of a springboard for conveying our

perceptions of this case et al is more than possible! Maybe not- just

have to wait and see! But first things first- how to put this email???

Any ideas………

• May 5, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

Re: Inner Circle Emailing-Book editing now-the play (living

between his horrors of madness and his so called sanity)-set within ‘a

today’ -gives me sonund problems-I’m not an artist (sonics etc) I

can’t see/hear it in pragmatic terms. Point is -what do you know of

pschoanalytic phenemenological ‘stuff’ Whats your take-where does

Radio Schreber go (‘decriptive’ I/we know)? Why are you interested

in it apart from that? What do his experiences mean/say about you

Richard? Silly questions-but it will help the direction(the point of) of

the ‘fluchtige hingemacten’ (‘Schreberianism’) interaction of

presentation or whatever. I’d love to be aware of that

before….Simply-why are bothering to do wat you’ve done or will



Kevin Zdaniecki

There’s little doubt Paul wanted to be famous and widely read. His

Memoirs tesified to this (thanks to Sigmund). He did become

known- but the price? Apart from breaking the architecture of what

we think and percieve of what we assume/taught about reality (only

perhaps understood in an Imaginary Hospital or Imaginary Asylum);

apart from seeing the walls of time and being (who we think we are

or our socalled meaning) or the vortex’s of time AND living in the

resultant twilight existence between madness and sanity-where all

dissolves in a vitreous solution and transformed (or crystalised ) into

another stucture (within the confines of sound, social beliefs/

education (taught by, more or less, Institutions of Rot) and politics

(ultra right or anarchy-whats would the difference be for Paul’s

suffering). I can sense how sonic and narrative presentation might if

carefully done COULD expose not only the phenonema but the

familiy structure” household totalitarianism-to quote Morty” (as an

ideological follow through of Ronnie Laing’s ideas (Laing-that self

styled guru of schizophrenia) of dangerous patriachal family

dynamics (morals, lust, jealousy, emotional abuse/blackmail etc in

the name of love,…et al). Its not just Paul, or an appeals court etc

that has to be portayed (with sonics and narratives (however) but

that dictator MORITZ!! How could his inevitable very deep

depression and isolation be presented? Don’t forget the suicidal son,

the daughters, under the thumb mother, female houshold ‘nurses’!

AND what about the adopted daughter-a possible love child of

Sarina and Fleishig (NB Flehigs photo by Sab’s bed!) Being treated

in the asylum exactly like his father abused him! His wife not

comming to see him! NO WONDER he thought there waqs a

conspiracy going on! To produce all of that using your brilliant

artistic sound approach (+ in depth, well informed, understanding

narrative-not simply a take from ‘down under’ all be that brilliant and

‘all there’ -would require AT LEAST a week end with several Actsand

emphasis on the everday living politics of today (as a

cmmulation of money/capitalistic human values, elitism eg

intellectualism/art (as more than neccessary) money spinning, power

etc etc etc. Carefully geared change via a sort of anarchism if you

like. Felt I wanted to say this to you-its pretty simplistic and obvious

stuff Richard…I now. But I will let yo know as to the outcome of the

excahange with the inner circle-and with you making your mark as a

Scheberian artist…something interesting is going to come of this ..I belay that, I know.. it will

• May 18, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

RIGHT!…end of my procrastination! Now Action!!! Book -tick.

Massive changes for play project however!.Listened to your Radio

Schreber VERY carefully! Quite brilliant -and for me promising.For

play I want to make video to sync in with audacity dialogues I’m

working on. A lot is the Memoirs verbatim..but with twists in effects.

Its really hard work-its all new for me! Here and Now… I have to get

far more ideas. Paul looking out of a window (eyes closed)

communicating with the Rays-or looking at the cracks in the wall of

‘his sell’ with white light – ‘the voices’ becoming more and more

distinct (?cafe cackles?)/gods special language/ his transvestite

experiences-copulating with god/ screams of Sabina during still birth

(his guilt-failure??- maybe a crisis of meaning of too much meaning

vs validity of values) eg as in Institutional ROT-totalitarian family

structure or university faculties (esp. law or psychiatry)?/ Eitherway

its the distortion or representation of the sound in his head-of the

rays, of his piano, of the trees ,the birds. of the WRITING DOWN

machine. Help! Anyway, then say hey boys and girls this is not ony

how I see it but what I want to emphasize- then actors/actresses who

can get into it! It COULD be dangerous for a borderline disturbed

person to engage in I suppose. Anyway looking for an old asylum

with atmosphere to do this initial video-after that…well first things

first. Any apps you could recommend. The camera you’ve got now

looks very interesting…but expensive no doubt. Resonance radio you

mentioned?? Could any of this be fused somehow to an Imaginary

Hospital?? or Imaginary Hospital Radio Station?? IF you have any

inclination or time it would be good if you could get back… or

whatever. That reminds me… must contact the ‘fella’ at Inner Circle.

Till later I hope Richard.

• May 19, 2012


Richard Crow

always interesting to hear your ideas..if i dont reply its because i am

thinking, you should do a podcast on all this, i can pass on some

sounds to you at some point, i am completely broke now so have to

really look at some jobs, or gigs , there is a opportunity to go to

spain to do a workshop on artaud lets see

• May 20, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

Great…spain sounds good!! Do you mean a podcast with view to

getting folks interested (specifics??)/a sound-verbal presentation or

documentary of sorts/a marketing stategy ( I CANNOT ABIDE

marketiing people-they should all be recommended for assisted (if

assistance needed)suicide on the NHS! and stuff). Mind you if thats

the way to put your ideas out or/and earn a living so be it-On 2nd

thoughts selling your soul (reverse Faust??)- or ‘soul murder’- to the

Pimps of Capital as so many good (artistic) workers do (motivation

for of fame or in vogue-infamy cannot be discounted!). Like

psychoanalysts or psychotherapists- the nihilistic whores of mental

health if you will. Selling their talent for a ‘pocket full’ of dreams of

a resolution to madness, delusions and a sociably acceptable DSM

IV/V diagnosis! Pardon monsieur Richard-getting a bit carried away

here-early morning and all that. Anyway I’ve started a few tracks on

on audacity of the Memoirs (used a perfect track-Nuits and Cinque

Rechants (I-V Group Vocal De France, by M. Tranchant and co.-

EXCELLENTstuff!!!!!-well its music to my ears) JUst as

background to DPS Memoirs/appeal? You know something Richard

it was during this BIT of work that I really began to believe that his

adopted daughter was in fact fathered between Sabrina and Fleishig.

I mean it fits-large amount of documents in the memoirs taken out or

missing-Fleishig’s photo by her bed-her abadomant of Paul when he

was in the asylum (medical advice?)-her deep respect (and anger!)

with Fleishig- I mean so little is known about her! I suppose its

neither here nor there really but it seems she was not as good a

mother as DPS was father!Much less emotionally attached to her

daughter than the childs ‘loving, kind’ father. PLEASE keep that

under your hat its only an ubsistantiated idea!

Back to podcasting-where do you begin? Which app. (thats possibly

open source) if any would be most appropriate? One was

recommended to me-BUT THAT WAS NEARLY £500!!!!Could use

it apparently for the video-play thingy. However step for step-how to

make the podcast first! Bye the way the book(s?) are far from

completion for self publishing. For example, editing (AND THAT

MUST BE GOOD apparently) has yet to be done!!So NO tick there

alas! I can’t keep switching from one thing /idea/media to another-I

really am not bright, creative or aware enough!!! I’m finding it pretty

hard work. I mean, for example, a simple (for you good people)

enough thing yiu might think-but me…HA!

I realise your time must be so, so limited and i understand how busy

you are..especially to make a living and build funds etc. So if you

wish to skip this right now -thats fine!!

THANK YOU for getting back to me nevertheless.

VERY good luck with your (and friends) projects Richard. I really

do wish you every success!!! Tera for now

Ps HIGHLY unlikely but if I can be of any service to you…just ask

• June 21, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

re:schreber: did you speak to one of Anna Jungs (sister)

descendents? Have you actually seen Morritz’s machines yourself?

Zvi Lothane and others may have thought of them as innocuous??eg

Says they’re were no anti-masturbatory contraptions to be found yet.

Mmmm!! Lots of reports about his cross-dressing outside of the

asylums though. A friend says he will email Zvi…any questions you

can think of you have? I REALLY think that using a judge with a

female voice (German) was a stroke of brilliant insight…er…or not??

• September 9, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

Hi Richard, i’ve been invited to see Shock Head

Soul ….october…looking forward to it!Have you seen it yet? Its

described as a ‘documentary’…mm..wait and see i suppose. Listened

to your Radio Schreber again…the more i listened the more respect I

had for how you did it and the dialogue. The lady judge (from

Australia??) was very clear and her German quite understandable.

PS Soul Murder was an actual legal term used in Germany/Saxony

in Paul Schreber’s day. talk again soon. all the best


Kevin Zdaniecki

PPS you met one of the Jung family at Sonnestein? Lothane wrote a

little about when he sat down to dinner with Fridolein (adopted

daughter) and her daughter. I don’t know if she’s still

living…doubtful methinks

• September 11, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

Richard, have you seen any of Artaud’s tecniques used?


Richard Crow

trick question?


Kevin Zdaniecki

HeeHee…no ,why do say that? I take it i’m yet again ignorant of



Richard Crow

just managed to find the italian translation of the memoirs

memoire di un malato di nervi


sounds like a dish

in italy they eat “nerves”

also birds

but maybe not talking birds…


Kevin Zdaniecki

NERVOUS ITALIAN/s?? Even the English version by McAlpine/

hunter was incorrect (well…according to Lothane)The original so

called higher german version I have’nt tried to read, Its easy to forget

that DPS WAS a good writer(…as well?). But the grundspraak of

birds…was’nt a german ray of….


Kevin Zdaniecki

But that writing down machine…zuckerberg would be even more

jealous and greedy to get that..hehee


Richard Crow

you know the one

have not seen shocj=k head soul yet , from what i have seen online i

think i’d hate it…i think only the Bros Quay could make the film of

the book of the man.???

you know the bros quay?

dont you?

yes, that llooks good in the movie trailer , its a bit like cronenberg’s

naked lunch typewriter insect?? no?

only the italians understand the theatre of cruelty

rthats a clue by the way


in sept i resume work on the demo for the radio schreber cd, i am

looking for an italian voice, hoping and praying to meet a rather

famous still living camp composer in florence…

sonnestein was a scary place , i really wnated to enter the old

church , ruined , but there simply was not enough time when i was



Kevin Zdaniecki

I’ve taken Hamlet and Faust dialogue and mixed it up…if radioi

schreber as you did it began with the court case…the dialogue

produced by the performance and actors would write itself!! The risk

of driving the actors psychotic is of course a …..blah blah. Maybe

making a couple of Utube trailers or so then see how many hits etc.

Gotta do /publish SOMETHING Richard…its been going on to long.

In defence though the research (Angie Woods. with offers to email

Zvi Lothane, Deleuze&Guitarri ET AL!) PS you must have met

Angela Woods surely…she’s brilliant!!. But the documents (letters,

hospital notes-Niederland) ain’t easy to come by…


Richard Crow

when i was there i asked zvi if it was possible to visit the rooms

inhabited by schreber , but they were being renovated , everybosy

was too well behaved to pursue further…

yes, angela is great, h-madness blog…yeah you have to get it out!

are you in touch with eric santner? i have his adress somewhere , i

gave him some cd’s


Kevin Zdaniecki

As things get closer to actually producing something you’re

suggestions, help would be unmissable!!!!!But the rooms he

occuppied were probably vitually physically bare. Yeh I must get it

out…but theres so much…sorry, what madness blog? Is it the hearing

voices thingie that she’s into? I thought narrative was her thing at the

mo. So you didn’t get to see his rooms…surprised they’re still

there…must be his ‘pollutions’….But when I was talking to Morty

(Schatzman) it seemed zvi did’nt think Morritz did’nt traumatise Paul

that much…I DON’T believe IT…Mritz was a deluded pshoticall

depreesed homicidal so and so …well excuse my stigmatization…its

just Santners ideas of his teachings beig a forerunner to Nat Soc

were very clear + the symbolic investiture + the tying in with

Certeau’s Knowledge passing by way of ‘the rotten’…sorry ranting

again…but I really do feel passionate about all this stuff..


Richard Crow

yes of course, it all adds up but but but…i havent actually seen any of

those moritz machines, not sure exactly where they are, or if they

have been re-created,

by the way i recorded pretty much all of the conference, there was

meant to be a special edition of a journal dedicated to schreber the

zvi was co-editing and he asked all of us to contribute…but i left it

too long to send any “work” for it…shame, would love to see the


i confess i havent read niederland


Kevin Zdaniecki

When a performance (not de Bords hehee) becomes much closer

your help would be unmissable. I think a weekend workshop would

be too much and I bet that great Ausralian lady (Anna???Voice of

judge-brilliant move there RC) is back in Australia…EXACTLY

neither have I or Morton but they must have been pretty restictive.

Yet his brother probably topped himself due to the late stage

syphillis (such shame on the family)…and Anna Jung seemed qite

happily married to her husband (Judge..surprise, surprise) and wa

sthe only one that seemed to care about Paul, his mother didnt even

ask how he was (eg writing to the Asylum Board) and even his

supposed loving wife Sadina Behr was more tha retiscent to put up

with him again. On the other hand his bellowing miracles, secret

cross dressing, severe moods and possible delusions (still there), 6

miscarriages etc etc must have been a bit to much to take for her.

She was’nt the brightest seed in the bunch and from her letter to Doc

F seemed very childish and depedant (as was the case for so many

women at that time).But back to Pauls subjectivr experiental

phenomology…therin lies the rub!!!!


Kevin Zdaniecki

I was trying to write my thoughts too quickly…sorry the linguistics

are so terrible..

• September 12, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

IT HAS TO BE ARTAUDS TECNIQUES!!! I am sure you know of

his work esp Theatre of Cruelty I apologise for bothering you

again…but as far as using this mixture of sound,dress, occupied

space, actor AND audience sort of ‘alarming’ participation is an area

that few of the people I know have experienced-meaning I can’t talk

about with them. So sorry I hope you understand. This mixture

possibly taking place around the audience and Memoirs in which the

actors MUST believe!!!! Tp produce a sort of truly shocking

experience for all in this mixed undefined architecture where any

message has to lie between the thoughts + words of the memoirs/

faustian dialogue/appeal court words to fight his taalege and the

physicality (eg his wish to cross dress +experience erotica as a

woman )


Kevin Zdaniecki

I had written more but it suddenly vanished…sorry I won’t bother

you again until I’ve got something concrete to hear (podcast) or/and

see (U tube trailer) Apologies to disturb you once more…..

• November 15, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

Have a great birthday Richard!!


mycalendarbook.comRemember Friends’ Birthdays

• November 16, 2012


Richard Crow

do you have a copy of shock head soul , can swap for Dark City


Kevin Zdaniecki

What? Swapsees? 1) Dark City’s on youtube (full movie) ..seen and

enjoyed it 2) sorry have’nt got a copy of shock head soul…got an

invite to see it this weekend followed by a discussion with Simon

Pommel, Helen Taylor R., Sabbadinni (analyst-played in it I

THINK?), and with my schreberian ‘expert’ friend (and I suppose me

if wasted people’s time and joined in from the audience). But i’ll see

if there are copies available if so i’ll get you one if you want or we

could swapsees with some other movie you’ve got…er….i’ll write up

about it and how it went etc…if your interested in any way……

What you do for you bday Richard? Good time?


Richard Crow

well now,you should record the discussion after, i havent seen the

film hence the request, and i dont think i’ll like it…but you never

know.. glad you liked Dark City , of course its better on the dark

screen, i think the only ‘film makers’ that could enter into the

schreberian symphony would be the bros quay (circa institute

benjamenta) and /or Jan Svankmayer , how is your ‘play’ going?


Richard Crow

or cronenberg of course

• November 20, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

It was interseting. Simon and the others and their persectives oa so

called outsider art. Alot of work went into it especially the Sputnik

effect-the writing down machine. Modeled on The Malling ??

typewriter that even Nietzsche used. Ther are 50 still left today?I

tried talking to Simon about the funding-apparently came from the

WElcome Trust for a large part anyway. Helen (Robinson) told me

to try Amazon for a copy and I learnt a BVD will be out Dec

12th…share costs or something. I agree with you I saw a few holes I

could pick in it. I asked what he/we wanted from schreber really……..


Richard Crow

no bootleg then



Kevin Zdaniecki

I WISH but………….


Richard Crow

i am working data bases tonight so cnt really chat


my fb posts are me taking the air really


Kevin Zdaniecki

ok take care..want to share one of you posts (reggae)..ok?


Richard Crow

thinking that you cant hearself speaking in pubs these days…friend

birthday , old men drinking pubs sad



Kevin Zdaniecki

I’ve little time for Fbk stuff now…very late at nite at the mo..too


Is’nt twitter a better stepping stone?


Richard Crow

yeh, next year i”leave and migrate to a page

yeah suppose so


Kevin Zdaniecki

or australia…old men in pubs! Heeeeeeee


Richard Crow

been there done that

it all depends on whose buying

i will return to the schreber material in dec , demo for cd release,

will let you know…


Kevin Zdaniecki

Sent the T shitt back!… Yeh exactly it really does depend on whose

interested! Working on the stage stuff in 2/3 weeks as a taster

maybe?The books OK!!! Goes a gaiinst the psychiatic.diagnostic

grain (politics of experience etc. A give away….

• December 7, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

I really recommend Eric Santner’s My Private Germany. HE IS


What did ya think of Fuske’s (spelling?) body boundary presentation

at Sonnestein. I might try to get a copy of Shock Head Soul…if I

manage it I’ll let ya know..

• December 12, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki




• December 17, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

EXCELLENT!!! Richard.Just listened to you and Anna Sheer

‘voices’ broadcat-to be presented in Coventry? It really fits with my/

our work which essentially places Daniel Paul in his appeal trial-

READING HIS MEMOIRS as his defence-a lot more complicated

than that. Bringig ‘politics of the fragment’ to the forefront.( Could

we use the ‘hospital’ at Coventry?)…I can see the problems with that



Richard Crow

kevin, your getting confused…again(!) no, i no longer have access to

the hospital its been demolished…good luck with what ever it is your

up to…

julian p. hobbs film is now online in its entirety , i am assumimg you

have seen it….?


Richard Crow

MeofmyNerIll of my nervous illness


Kevin Zdaniecki

Thanks Richard. Yep, seen it some time ago. I thought it was

good…but did.nt emphasise enough important issues. Love story

with sabina…TICK. The real persuton by dear ‘ol Morritz (even via

Fleichig treatment)..TICK. Voluptousness/jouissance/

sexuality…TICK Relationship of Morritz to Action T4…unclear.

Symptom representation/MEANING (esp. of his delusions…very

poor. The all important writing down machine…not mentioned! That

he was the subject of God the Father’s abuse not clarified.

Sonnestein,apart from referral to Weber, …not elaborated!

Regression of neurosciance/ psychiatry/psychoanaysis today to 100

yrs ago not made cleat. Nothing changing in diagnostics over 100

years or so not really clarified.(or his psychotic experience eg

fleeting impoverished beings called humans, the echolalia, his

catatonic experience. My confusion ? heheee…yeh without doubt

exists!!!!! Ps So the venue is in Italy?? Sounds great!!

Luck and help I NEVER refuse. NB But that sound recording/your

‘artistic’ approach fits perfectly with my/our production!!!It’s hoped

it will emphasize Deleuze/Guatarri (eg Anti-Oedipus)/Laing and anti

pychiatry/eg nietzschian anti-theology (good)views and a stand point

of such madness being in large a product of mad families, society

and micro- and macro- politics etc The stuff behind the household

totalitarianism (+despotic control)that Schreber grew up in (and

now….(with luck…enter the iconic rebel HA!) The film did not even

really touch on false/ ‘unfalse’ sanity and the relationships of the

‘rotten’ symbolic investiture of institutions which certainly triggered

Daniel Paul’s mad experieces (apart from that inherent in losing the

Reichstag elections!)

So using the narrative of the Memories, sound and photoghraphic art

etc etc is what I’ve been working on and what it is all about. Did’t

Know exactly how much time this would take!! Sorry…. all of this is

probably boring for you Richard But I have passion for it……anyway

take care and good luck with whatever endeavours you choose…Tera

In Memory of Kevin Zdaniecki

July 23, 2018


• December 22, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

Visual and performance artists coming over from France next week.

International expert-Morty S who i know as friend and professional

colleague willing to give time/advice. He knows Zvi (Lothane) et al

and can email for input or whatever! Have an actor who wishes to

play Schreber. Ist scene at trial with slow mo hallucinatory voices

sound crafted if you’re willing!!! Perhaps an overnight workshop

project. Begiining scene for trailer (or even work shop) in the closed

rooms of all the patients bellowing (people heard but not seen). With

Jewish symbolism eg dead roses or whatever with someone playing

Wagner (OR GIOVANI HA!). Staged with court judges talking to

him while he reads his text out in his defence and desperation of his

tutelage being rescinded. (in German??-the judges not the text) The

voices could be like being in a cafe. Simon (pummels) idea of

elaborating on the sputnik effect but when I talked to him he seemed

to voice other ideas of this Writing Down Machine. BUT all in all

the other issues symbolic investiure failing trigging the first illness,

his fathers child rearing methods correspondin to Paul’s delusional

content, the apparent irrelevance of Lacans signifier etc etc, Freuds

own identification EVEN Certeau’s ideas, by what I believe you also

called, instiute of rot. The forerunner of a pure aryan race (mijn

kampf) and the politics of the fragments within the text can be so

clearly shown using various medias. Time will limit ALL the

offshoots and complexities!! I don’t know how long the French

artists will be around…are you interested in meeting of us all for a

chat?? Just been told one possible very suitable venue the NHS will

not allow us to use or are planning to sell it on. Given the time frame

your input and possible help would be invaluable My email..…a fairly prompt respone would be more than

appreciated or tips…whatever! I do understand how busy you must

be right now but if you have’nt bored with Schreberianism please

condider it at least. THANKS Richard…


Richard Crow

sounds intriguing, yes i am super busy as always…let me know how

it goes, seasons greetings

• December 22, 2012


Kevin Zdaniecki

it is!! thanks Richard most certainly let you know how its going or

the probs (obstacles, fall in our/my enthusiasm/energy/ideas etc….if

thats ok) Seasons greetings back