Radio Schreber

Radio Schreber, Soliloques for Schziophonic voices. Richard Crow (UK)

Curated by Lucia Farinati with the assistance of Rita Correddu The Freud Museum, London, 20 April 2011.

Radio Schreber, Soliloques for Schziophonic voices investigated the recurring theme of ‘hearing voices’ in sonic and literary works by paying homage to Daniel Paul Schreber‘s Denkwürdigkeiten einen Nervenkranken (Memoirs of My Nervous Illness). Written during his second mental illness at Sonnenstein Public asylum and published in 1903, the Memoirs detail and map an alternate delusional world famously analysed by Freud in his Psycho-analytic Notes on An Autobiographical account of a case of paranoia (Dementia Paranoides) published in 1911. For the centenary of Schreber’s death (and Freud’s Psycho-analytic Notes), a sound performance by artist Richard Crow gave voice to Schreber’s visionary text through a specially created composition that premiered at the Freud Museum, London. As a continuation of his project Imaginary Hospital Radio, Richard Crow has explored a sonic tableaux of phantasmic and disembodied voices embedded in the text as well as in its physical and imaginary locations inhabited by Schreber. Phantasmic voices of Radio Schreber: Richard Crow, Gabriel Séverin, Anna Teresa Scheer, Nick Couldry, Adam Bohman, Douglas Park and others who remain obscure and unknown…

The event was followed by a conversation between Richard Crow, Lucia Farinati and Ivan Ward, Deputy Director of The Freud Museum. The event was recorded by Colin Potter (Nurse with Wound.)

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