Curatorial Projects


1717 dedicated to Zambanella – a sonic Sabbath (inc. CAO, Anna Raimondo, Caroline Bergval, Karen Mirza et all) listening session curated by Lucia Farinati (Sound Threshold) in collaboration with Richard Crow, for Helicotrema Recorded Audio Festival, hosted by World Breakers Drodesra XXXVI, Sala Forgia, Central Fies, Dro, Trento, Italy


Curator, The Four Humours (text based performances from invited authors incl. Iain Sinclair, Paul Buck, Caroline Bergvall, & Ben Watson) & The Noisiness of Bodies (a series of site-specific installations and live art performances), The Institution of Rot, London, supported by London Arts Board (Literature Live & Live Art Venue Development)


The Institution of Rot – A House with Objects, with Nick Couldry and Nathalia Berkowitz, supported by London Arts Board (Research and Development) as part of London’s Secret spaces

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