In the footsteps of a stranger’s nostalghia (Overture) Audio Essay with Richard Crow and Lucia Farinati as part of The Stranger that is next to me, organized by Brandon LaBelle in collaboration with Osso, Lisbon, Errant Bodies project space, Berlin, 9 June, 2014

In the footsteps of a stranger’s nostalghia (Overture) combines field recordings made in 2014 from inside the catherdral of San Galgano, Bagno Vignoni and other Tuscan locations and incorporates sound fragments both real and phantasmic.

Haunted hospital: ospedale infestato di spettri
Un covo di fantasmi
A ghost town, città fantasma
A Ghost hospital, L’ospedale fantasma
Haunt: ricovero, ritiro, ritrovo, covo
Spaces are (un)heard as much as they are (un)seen
In the summer of 2008 Richard Crow and Margherita Morgantin were (for a few hours) granted access to the disused and abandoned Walsgrave Hospital in the centre of Coventry (UK).
In their ongoing performance/installation A Ghost hospital – L’ospedale fantasma/ Walsgrave Hospital Coventry Crow and Morgantin attempt to re-visit and re-haunt the now demolished hospital.
The live re-working and re-mapping of material focuses on the use of private and public space, the active archiving of memory, the abject body in performance, the performative use of found sound and noise in relation to architecture, emotive fragments and anxious soundscapes (explored through text, image, audio), and the subversion and re-activation of outmoded spaces and technologies.
The first performance of the work took place on the 14th of February, 2013 at Raum in Bologna.
Ghost Hospital